Practical Approach Pediatrics and Tekton Clinical Research

Why are research studies important?

  • Research studies actually help the population at large because it’s from research (and) doing the studies that we actually come up with drugs that treat the illnesses.

Why did you decide to work with Tekton Research for your research studies?

  • Tekton made a lot of sense because we already have a practice here that is taking care of the needs of little ones.

Back to School Advice

What approach should parents take regarding getting kids ready to school and its different schedule?

  • Our focus is just getting them ready for school getting them in the appropriate mindset that school is going back.  (Sometimes) we don’t talk about it until it’s actually time to go back to school and so you find also some anxiety-related issues with that .

It's flu season and time to get your children vaccinated against the flu virus. Dr. Adetona has a flu vaccine study that you might be interested in for your child.